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It was my goal to create images that portray the community of El Triunfo and its people in their true light.  My images are meant to educate, share, and empower others to learn more.  In July 2010, I spent ten days in El Triunfo, Guatemala and became immediately aware that this experience was unlike anything I had seen before.  What I came to see was that although this community truly lived one day at a time, they were a testament to survival and family.   After returning from Guatemala, I decided to dedicate my time to bring greater opportunity to a people very willing and able to succeed.  I hope that you can join me as I continue to create images and tell stories of these wonderful people

The Guatemalan Project is run by Dr. Cecilia Campoverde, in El Triunfo, Guatemala.  The community of El Triunfo is nothing less than amazing and is seen through their numerous accomplishments.  The project began in 1998 after major flooding from Hurricane Mitch left many people stranded and homeless.  Dr. Campoverde visited the area originally to help bring fresh water to the economically impoverished area of southern Guatemala.  Since then, Dr. Campoverde has helped the people of El Triunfo establish a governing council comprised of local women, created systems to help women learn to read, write, govern, and develop businesses. As a result of the community’s hard work, El Triunfo has a medical clinic, a school for the local children, numerous small businesses, and a single-family home development project. Today, the Guatemalan Project continues its mission through giving microloans to individuals who demonstrate a will to work and scholarship opportunities to youth who seek education.

* Please visit a sample of my work from this project in the Travel section of this website.  The Guatemala Project is a 501c3 non-profit and accepts financial donations for student scholarships and microloans. Please contact me for further information.


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