The Role of Architecture

//The Role of Architecture

The Role of Architecture

I believe architecture has a greater role than most people believe. Architecture defines our lives, each day and in great ways. It affects our mood, our sleep, our patience; it can bend us one way, or shed light on new hope.  I’ve seen great architecture around the world and I’ve also experienced great architecture.  A spacious landscape, your master bathroom, or the route you take to work; architecture touches your entire day. I have a great level of respect for the dreamers, the architects who blend imagination with purpose and practicality.  We must build for people, we must build for humanity.

We are pleasured by amazing technology and higher limits of engineering. New materials abound and many re-imagined. We are also at a point in time where we at times step away from tradition, and push boldly into new ideas.  Architects must continue to be very mindful with what they create and those resulting effects, just like a super-hero.


Venice House,
Venice, CA
Architect: Sebatian Mariscal Studios
Interiors: Delta Wright

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