New Venice, the California Lifestyle

//New Venice, the California Lifestyle

New Venice, the California Lifestyle

It is always fun photographing new places, because of its simple differences and distinct challenges. With each new home or new property, you learn about that community and often the changes they are experiencing. In the case of Venice, California the old is quickly disappearing, transforming into an oasis of homes that embody the new Venice.  Unique shapes, big sliding doors, 3-stories with a roof deck, all epitomize the new Venice. And in many ways, it’s a good new. There is definitely a resurgence of high-quality architecture and design taking place as small and tattered bungalows, many beat down by the elements, are pushed over and re-introduced as impressive creations of glass, cement and wood.  Many of these new properties are worth stopping at or pulling up alongside, to glance at their nuances and character. Each house is different from its neighbor and in many ways that’s a great thing. Venice is very much a city of architecture and design and one budding with ‘trend’ on every corner.

Images of a recently completed home in new Venice.

Architect: Addison Schierbeek Architects 

Contractor: McCauley Design & Build

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